18 Super Smart Tricks To Complete Your Credit Card Minimum Spending Requirements

Attempting to meet minimum spending requirements in order to obtain a juicy bonus is not always easy!  Here are 50 smart tricks to help spend that money in order to acquire that JUICY CREDIT CARD BONUS! $$$

  1. NEVER carry cash, ALWAYS carry the credit card
  2. Home remodel!  (not only does this help spend the money but is also increase the value of your home!)
  3. Link your credit card to your PayPal account (instead of using money from a linked bank account use your credit card when making online payments with PayPal)
  4. Request your local lawn service company start taking credit card payments
  5. Pay for car, homeowners, medical, or renter’s insurance using your credit card
  6. Put your annual summer vacation on the card
  7. Buy gift cards (if you spend $400 a Target per month but 4 $100 Target gift cards with the credit card)
  8. Many consumers are not aware of this but some bills can be PREPAID (check all household bills, auto insurance, and health insurance as they are likely candidates for prepaid bills)
  9. Pay your taxes with a credit card IF your card has a valuable sign up bonus or you don’t owe much in taxes (due to a fee charged in regards to paying taxes with a credit card)
  10. Pay quarterly taxes (this is a must if you have a side hussle or are self employed)
  11. Religious contributions
  12. Charitable contributions
  13. Put your Netflix subscription on your credit card
  14. Add family members as authorized users for purchases they would make anyways
  15. Buy Christmas, Birthday, Wedding gifts in advance (again these are purchased you would make anyways)
  16. Purchase a money order with the credit card (not all supermarkets allow this but if they do you have hit the jack pot)
  17. Gift card churning (this creative endeavor involves buying gift cards and then reselling them at a break-even price)
  18. College Tution (many out of state colleges will allow you to charge your kids tuition to a credit card)

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