What is American Express Purchase Protection? AMEX Purchase Protection Explained

American Express purchase protection

American Express is a popular credit card issuer and bank that offers some very good credit cards. They’ve long been known as a “premium” brand, hoping to attract big spenders. Today they have cards for just about every type of person. They also have some impressive credit card benefits – one of which is American Express Purchase Protection.

If you’re looking to learn more about AMEX Purchase Protection, this is the guide for you!


What is American Express Purchase Protection?

AMEX Purchase Protection is a free benefit that’s included on many American Express credit and charge cards. It is included on all the best AMEX cards, and is a free perk that requires no enrollment or special effort on your end.

In essence, AMEX Purchase Protection helps to protect purchases you make with your AMEX card. The benefit will reimburse you for accidental damage or theft to eligible items you have purchased on your card. Purchase Protection is available for 120 days after the initial purchase (90 days for New York residents).

So basically, if you make a purchase and later damage the item – or it gets stolen – within 120 days of purchase, AMEX can reimburse you for the cost. Coverage limits are usually up to $1,000 per purchase, but certain premium cards like the Amex Platinum cover you for up to $10,000 per purchase.

Keep in mind that the specific terms of AMEX Purchase Protection vary depending on the card you have. You can find full terms for your individual card here, and a helpful FAQ section here.

An Example:

On January 1st you purchase a new cell phone for $600, and charge it to your American Express card. 2 months later on March 1st, you drop your phone and the screen shatters. You can then file an Amex Purchase Protection claim, and if eligible, Amex will reimburse you for the cost of the phone. Exclusions apply.


How to Use AMEX Purchase Protection

AMEX Purchase Protection is automatically included on most AMEX cards. There’s no activation or extra steps necessary. Just make a purchase with your AMEX card, and you’re covered! You should also keep the receipt for your purchase.

Keep in mind that AMEX only covers up to the amount you put on the card, and only up to $1,000 per incident. So if you make a $2,000 purchase, you’ll only be covered for $1,000 of it. Likewise, if you make a $1,000 purchase but pay $500 in cash and $500 on your AMEX card, you’ll only be covered for $500.


How to Make an American Express Purchase Protection Claim

To file AMEX Purchase Protection claims, follow these steps:

  1. Within 30 days of the incident, call 1-800-322-1277 or visit http://www.AmericanExpress.com/onlineclaim
  2. Provide the receipt or proof of purchase
  3. Provide proof of damage or theft
  4. If the item was stolen, provide a police report
  5. Follow any other requirements given to you by the AMEX rep
  6. Keep the damaged item. You may be asked to mail it to AMEX


This covers all the basics you need to know about AMEX purchase protection! We recommend you read the terms for the specific card you have to get all the details.

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