Betterment Returns Via Reddit Users

I’ve had $10k invested for 3 years now with a pretty normal 70-30 allocation. And the returns are around $400 total. This seems quite subpar. Just the dividends alone have totaled over $600 which means the portfolio is actually under loss, right? What am I missing here? Every online media outlet/investing website seems to have a 5* rating for this company. EDIT: Not exactly 3 years, but close enough. The sample size is large enough to warrant my concern I think. Someone asked for specifics. Here’s the allocation and performance:

“Does anyone here (Reddit) use Betterment?…┬áTo answer your question right away, yes I use betterment, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

  • The above user review likes Betterment due to ease of use and automatic investing

“Anyone here like Betterment?… I do. I’ve used it since 2013. Very low effort i mostly forget about it.”

“Is Betterment worth it?… one word: YES”

  • Above review pretty straight forward

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