Partner With Buffett: Berkshire-Hathaway Is Now A Buy (BRK.B)

Shares of the iconic American conglomerate Berkshire-Hathaway (BRK.B) have been going slowly in reverse in recent months. Shares which had peaked at 153 last winter find themselves back down sharply to 129 in current trading. Berkshire, as the country’s largest conglomerate and fifth biggest company by market cap, is one of America’s most important institutions. … Read more

Buyback Levels Support Current Share Prices?

Earlier this week, FactSet reported that share repurchases for S&P500 companies amounted USD 134.4 billion during the second quarter of 2015. The buybacks decreased 6.9% compared to the first quarter. With the Federal Reserve postponing a rate hike last week, buyback levels may continue to be strong in the second half of the year, even … Read more

What Could Thaw Canada’s Frozen Economy?

Like Argentina, which we profiled here last week, Canada is another country facing a world of economic woes with upcoming elections. Unlike Argentina, Canada doesn’t appear to be on the precipice of a major crisis. But that doesn’t mean the country’s current recession will be overcome anytime soon. Canada made a big bet and then … Read more

Study: Technical Analysis beats Fundamental stock pickers

According to a recent academic study, market technicians may have an edge in the financial markets, whereas fundamental analysts could not beat the market. In addition, technicians were able to predict more often the direction of share prices than fundamental analysts. And it’s not just a tiny difference: technical analysis caused an outperformance of 8% … Read more

Goldman Sachs joins the ETF-party (too?) late

One of the most significant developments in investing and asset management during the recent years was the rise of the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Whereas traditional mutual funds are actively managed, ETFs are passive funds tracking an underlying asset or, as in most cases, an index such as S&P 500 or MSCI Emerging Markets. During … Read more

It’s Time To Buy Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart (WMT) has had a rough go of it in 2015. The only thing they’ve been slashing has been their share price lately. Shares began the year around 85 and are down to 64 now, a massive drop for a Dow component, Dividend Aristocrat, and all-around key American company. There’s been a variety of factors … Read more

Has the long term bull case ended for Apple? A chart study

During it latest event, tech company Apple failed to surpass investors’ expectations. The company from Palo Alto introduced many new versions of its highly successful products, but received a lukewarm response from the market and followers. In addition, many watchers are wondering if the company can produce a new game changing product, as it did … Read more

Was That The Apple Top?

It’s been a rough go of it lately for investors in the world’s largest company, technology giant Apple (AAPL). Shares had been roughly following the market through 2015, hitting a high around $135 in February and then trading sideways. Apple hit its ultimate high in April, peaking at $136. They made one more push for … Read more