Robo-advisors: the next big thing?

Recently, a new phenomenon takes retail investing by storm: Robo-advisors. This type of financial advisor, may be the largest threat to financial advisors since the introduction of ETFs. According to a recent study by Citigroup, total assets under management (AUM) increased from virtually zero to USD 19 billion end of 2014 (figures of Corporate Insight) … Read more

Is This The New Bear Market?

With the market plunging nearly 500 points Tuesday, people are getting nervous again. Was last week’s recovery just a fluke? Early trading Wednesday has given only the most modest of bounces, it seems like everyone is now waiting for the next shoe to drop. While we’ve predicted the current volatility would persist for awhile, it’s … Read more

Capitalize On India: INCO vs CEF

We previously highlighted an opportunity with India. Specifically, we discussed the ETF INCO, which focuses on the Indian consumer. Since India is expected to become the home of the world’s largest population, and one of its largest middle classes over the next decade. Since the emerging middle class is booming in India, the consumer sector, … Read more

This Investment Is Off Target

Skepticism is justified given the recent run-up in shares of Target (TGT). Shares are up more than 30% over the past year, beating both the market and direct competitors such as Wal-Mart (WMT) by a fat margin. However, a deeper dive into Target’s business shows reason to question the rise. While Target has a fine … Read more

Kinder Morgan: Is It Finally Time To Buy?

Kinder Morgan (KMI) is a very attractive stock on at least one basis. The company currently pays $1.96/share per year in dividends, working out to a 6% dividend yield. In a world of zero interest rates, that’s a rather generous payment. What’s better, the company has promised to grow the dividend at a 10% annual … Read more