Cashback vs Points vs Miles: Credit Card Rewards Compared

cashback vs points vs miles

Credit card rewards can be quite rewarding, for lack of a better term. They can also be thoroughly confusing! With so many different cards, each offering different reward structures and redemption options, it can be a maze to navigate for newcomers. There are typically three types of rewards programs: cashback, points, and airline miles/hotel points. … Read more

How to Use Miles & Points to Support Charity

donate miles to charity

There are millions of innovative nonprofit organizations around the globe striving to make the world a better place. Many of these charities rely heavily on donations from private individuals. If you’d like to support charity in a unique way that costs you nothing, you might consider donating rewards points to charity! This round-up will explore some … Read more

Forever21 Rewarded Credit Card and Loyalty Program (15% Off Worth It?)

Forever 21 Credit Card and Loyalty Program Get a mind-blowing 15% off your first purchase when signing up for the Forever21 reward program is operated by Forever21 Inc. This is a must for consumers who shop at Forever21 on a regular basis The Forever21 credit card is open to legal residents of the United States … Read more