Refinance Student Loans and Save Money?

The average student graduates college with more than $30,000 dollars in student loans. Apply Now Borrowers don’t always realize that their loans are costing them more than they think. Interest is tacked on to the loan amount (i.e., principal) making the total cost of the loan greater. While there is no way to eliminate student … Read more

SoFi vs Upstart

sofi offer

Upstart and SoFi both get a lot of press in the world of fintech. On the surface, the two appear more than a little similar. But if you’re looking for a way to refinance your student loans or obtain other credit services, there are some small differences that can make a big difference when it … Read more

SoFi Review: Personal & Student Loans

SoFi Review

SoFi, short for “Social Finance,” is an exciting new company based in Silicon Valley looking at new ways of tackling one of the biggest financial problems in the world today: student debt. Founded in 2011 by four alums from Stanford’s business school, the company helps people with good credit scores to refinance their student loan … Read more

SoFi vs. CommonBond vs. Earnest: Who Wins Student Loan Refi Showdown?

SoFi vs. CommonBond vs. Earnest

Today, seven out of ten college graduates have student loan debt, with an average of $30,100 per borrower. Many of those graduates would be wise to refinance their student loans. Interest rates on student loans vary by loan type and creditworthiness but refinancing at a lower interest rate can save thousands of dollars over the … Read more

LendKey vs. SoFi: Which Student Loan Refinancing Platform is Right for You?

If you’ve been making regular payments on your existing student loans, refinancing could be a good move. Refinancing may simplify your payments by consolidating your private and federal student loans into a single loan, give you a lower interest rate, reduce your monthly payment, help you pay off your loans faster, or let your cosigner … Read more