Elastic.com Enrollment Code Promotional Offer Review

Elastic.com Enrollment Code Promotional Offer

  • Apply for an unsecured line of credit ranging between $500 to $3,500
  • Pre-selected applicants will receive a mailing with an enrollment code

Consumers who have searched for lines of credit with other firms may find an Elastic promotional credit offer in their mail box.  This can be a good or bad thing depending on the situation BUT most consumers will want to avoid Elastic if possible due to high fees.

Your Elastic Account does not accrue traditional interest on the outstanding balance over time. Rather, they charge a Cash Advance Fee for each Cash Advance, as well as a Minimum Charge based on Principal Balance on Which Minimum Charge is Calculated appearing on your periodic statement.

For example:

Non-Monthly A $2000 outstanding principal balance will be assessed a $75.00 Minimum Charge the next billing cycle.

Monthly A $2000 outstanding principal balance will be assessed a $150.00 Minimum Charge the next billing cycle.

A new Minimum Charge is assessed in each billing cycle that a balance is outstanding.

Minimum Charge Non-Monthly Chart
Elastic .com
Minimum Charge Monthly Chart

The Good 🙂

  • A last-ditch effort to obtain credit when being turned down just about everywhere else

The Bad 🙁

  • Not available to active duty service members
  • When you take a draw on your line of credit, you are charged a 5% or 10% Cash Advance Fee depending on your Billing Cycle
  • Complicated (We had to read through the FAQ three times before we clearly understood the fees associated with a line of credit)

Pro Tip: Check for alternative lines of credit elsewhere such as top rated credit cards for consumers with bad credit!

Elastic.com Contact Info

  • Phone: (888) 225-0080 Monday – Friday: 8am – 10pm EST or Saturday – Sunday: 9am – 6pm EST
  • Mail: Elastic Customer Support, 4030 Smith Road,Cincinnati, OH 45209

Elastic currently serves residents of the following states

•   Alabama
•   Alaska
•   Arizona
•   Arkansas
•   California
•   Delaware
•   District of Columbia
•   Florida
•   Hawaii
•   Idaho
•   Illinois
•   Indiana
•   Iowa
•   Kansas
•   Kentucky
•   Louisiana
•   Maine
•   Maryland
•   Michigan
•   Minnesota
•   Mississippi
•   Missouri
•   Montana
•   Nebraska
•   Nevada
•   New Mexico
•   North Dakota
•   Ohio
•   Oklahoma
•   Oregon
•   Rhode Island
•   South Carolina
•   South Dakota
•   Tennessee
•   Texas
•   Utah
•   Virginia
•   Washington
•   Wisconsin
•   Wyoming

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