Hilton Status Match Review: What You Need to Know

Hilton Status Match review

Hilton is a large hotel chain (currently the 4th largest in the world), with over 5,000 properties worldwide. They also have a competitive loyalty program, known as Hilton Honors. To attract more loyal customers, Hilton is attempting to draw in fans of other hotel chains by offering Hilton Status Match, a new program. Find out about this opportunity in our Hilton Status Match review.


What is Hilton Status Match?

Hilton Status Match is a promotion currently running from Hilton Hotels.

Essentially, people that have any sort of loyalty status with other hotel chains can get matched to a similar status at Hilton, without having to complete the normal requirements to earn that status.

So for example, if you hold IHG Platinum Status, you can apply for Hilton Status Match. If you complete a few requirements, you can get Hilton Gold or Hilton Diamond status fairly easily.


How it Works

  1. Go to statusmatch.hiltonhonors.com
  2. Upload proof of loyalty status with another hotel chain (can just be a screenshot of your account profile)
  3. Upload proof of at least 1 stay at that hotel chain within the last 12 months
  4. You will receive Hilton status for 90 days.

Now, the initial period of Status is only for 90 days. However, you can extend the status until March 2020 by completing a few stays at Hilton properties.

Hilton Status MatchAfter you’ve been approved, you can stay 4 times within 90 days to earn GOLD status through 2020, or you can stay 8 times within 90 days to earn DIAMOND status through 2020.


Hilton Status Match Review

Essentially, this promotion provides a great incentive for frequent travelers to try out Hilton properties, and earn significant perks in the process. You can explore the benefits of Hilton status here.

Obviously, this promotion is only useful for folks who already hold status with another hotel chain. Since many premium credit cards, such as the SPG Luxury card, already offer complementary status, many frequent travelers already have status with a hotel chain.

If you have status with another brand, and you’re planning some travel in the next 90 days, this promotion is worth taking advantage of.

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