(Login Loan Administration)

3 allows users to check out their loan details including insurance, taxes, and escrow.

The user can also view recent loan activity, payments, and even mortgage statements.

How to access

Simply visit and follow the on-screen instructions.

The user will have to provide their username and password.  New users will have to register.

How to register for LoanAdministration?

Simply visit and follow the on-screen instructions.

What is needed to register at the LoanAdminstration?

  • Loan Number
  • SSN
  • Email address

Please note the loan number will be 10 digits long and please include all leading zeros.

LoanDepot LoanAdministration Notes

  • Once registered the user can access payment history, property tax information, insurance loan history, and sign up for auto payments
  • Live chat services are available for users having a tough time with the site
  • A checking or savings account is required to set up auto payments
  • Registration will take about two minutes to complete

Having trouble making home loan payments?

Those having issues making payments have three options; modify an existing mortgage note, forbearance of an account which will temporary reduction or suspension of a monthly mortgage obligation, or set up a repayment plan. Repayment Plan Highlights

  • Allows a loan holder to make scheduled payment arrangements
  • These scheduled payments may help reduce the monthly loan amount
  • BUT push back the final payment due date

To expedite a hardship review, the loan holder will have to provide tax returns, pay stubs for the last 60 days, or last three months of bank statements.

Any questions in regards to can be directed to toll-free 877-909-9416.

Those looking to reach out to the Housing and Urban Development office should dial toll-free 800-569-4287.


Or, check for an approved HUD agency at HUD Counseling.

Finally the central loan administration & reporting website

Already have your home loan paid but need a credit card?  Check out these write-ups!


  1. i waited on the phone line for 0ne hour and a half my request is to ascertain the government relief notification
    which states that any one is affected by cover 19 then he/she is entitled to a 3 month waiver of their mortgage
    payment to that end the tenants are also extended the same and as a landlord no rent will be collected for three months is there a form that i need to fill out or is this law automatic

  2. Ihave no income ,my rental business is shut down renters have no funds to make payments, I need to remake loan or adjust loan to cover the last four months. Ajust payments with taxes and insurance to 1200.00 per month

  3. i applied for a loan with home depot and have found a diff. company so i will not be going through with the loan depot refinance loan so do i get my almost 600 dollar fee back?


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