Not Even Illegal Missile Tests Will Dissuade Obama From Appeasing Iran

The recent Wall Street Journal article that reported that the Obama administration is postponing imposing sanctions on Iran in response to the Islamic Republic’s missile tests in violation of United Nations resolutions encapsulates neatly the White House’s willingness to appease the Tehran regime at all costs. The Iranian governments has at once denied that firing of ballistic missiles violates anything and has vowed to accelerate building missiles in response to the Obama administration even considering sanctions.

However, the most provocative action of all was Iran firing off a missile just 1,500 yards from the USS Harry Truman, an aircraft carrier then passing through the Straits of Hormuz, which happens to be international waters. One can just imagine what might have happened if the missile had hit the Truman. Not even Obama could have avoided going to war, though he would have managed to fashion it into a disaster, just as he has in Libya, Iraq, and Syria.

The problem is that the president has convinced himself that nothing can stand in the way of the nuclear weapons agreement with Iran going through. As soon as the United Nations certifies that Iran has ramped down its nuclear bomb program (whether or not it actually has done so) the White House is prepared to release $150 billion in funds. Iran will be better able to finance an arms buildup and to commit acts of terror around the world.

It is an open secret that President Obama is keen to achieve some kind of rapprochement with Iran, much as President Nixon did with China over 40 years ago. He sees himself going to Tehran during his last year in office, toasting the reopening of diplomatic relations (with something nonalcoholic of course) with Iranian leaders and forging a partnership to combat ISIS terrorism. He might even get a second Nobel Peace Prize if he manages the feat.

Of course, Obama is in the stance of rejecting objective reality and substituting his own when he imagines he can entice Iran back into the community of civilized nations. China had excellent reasons to forge a relationship with the United States. That alliance served as a deterrent to the Soviet Union, which at the time was anxious to assert itself as the leader of the communist world. The ravages wrought by the Cultural Revolution convinced Beijing that trade with the West and a loosening of communist economic policy were the only ways to make China a commercial power.

The government of Iran, on the other hand, is possessed of a religious zeal to destroy its perceived enemies, starting with Israel and ending with the United States with, due to the recent rift with Saudi Arabia over the execution of a Shiite Cleric, the House of Saud along the way. No appeal to reason or self-interest will dissuade the current Tehran regime’s zeal to use force, nuclear force in this case, to make its desires reality. Indeed such appeals are considered signs of weakness by the mullahs.

Barack Obama has been compared to Neville Chamberlain in his relentless appeasement of Iran. That comparison sells the British prime minister short. Chamberlain finally realized that there was no stopping Hitler short of war when Nazi Germany invaded Poland. Unfortunately, Chamberlain and his predecessor Stanley Baldwin had waited for so long, that it took almost six years and millions of lives to put Hitler and Nazism in the grave,

One should pray that the world will not pay a similar price for Obama’s skittishness in dealing with Iran.

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