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Access Hourly Associates employee information via the Walmart One HR portal.

To access the site, please visit and follow the on-screen instructions. To login you will need your User ID, the location of the Walmart store, and the country in which you live. to resolve – How To Pay Mobility Toll Bill Online Guide


  1. Log in first to complete your health screening or self-report a COVID-19 diagnosis.
  2. You have to use 2SV to log in to OneWalmart. You must be at a Walmart location to sign up
  3. Your Walmart Identification Number, also known as the employee’s WIN is a key part of your job at Walmart.

Any questions regarding onewalmart can be directed to the FAQ page at

OneWalmart Customer Service

New employee?

You will not be able to register for OneWalmart until your information has been entered into the Walmart HR department. Please allow up to 72 hours for this to take place. log in

When do I use 2-Step Verification?

When you login to check your schedule, benefits, or paystub from your personal device (e.g. tablet, home computer or phone) you will be prompted to select your preferred method to receive a one-time verification code. device/activate – How can I sign in/register and Activate for Sony LIV?

Walmart employees are entitled to a boat load of benefits. If you are unsure of what benefits you are entitled to please visit your local Walmart HR department but in general Walmart employees are entitled to the folloiwng benefits.

  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Paid vacations
  • 410k benefits for certain employees
  • Paid sick leave
  • Maternity leave for mothers

How do I veiw my schedule on WalmartOne?

You must login to your Walmart One account in order to view a schedule.

If you don’t have internet access please dial 1-700-Walmart (From Store Network during your scheduled hours) to obtain your work schedule.

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