Polaris Star Card Review: The Polaris Credit Card Reviewed

Polaris Star Card review

For fans of Polaris products, financing options are important to consider. Polaris now offers a couple different options, in partnership with various banks. Many people are searching for a Polaris Star Card review to determine whether this product is worthwhile.


Polaris Star Card Review


As of the time of this writing, the Polaris Star Card appears to be discontinued.

The product was launched in 2005, in partnership with HSBC, as a way for prospective Polaris owners to get financing on their vehicle purchases. It is operated similarly to a credit card.

The Star Card had a lot of consumer complaints. It’s unclear whether this led to the discontinuation of the card or not, but either way, it’s probably for the best. HSBC, in general, has a pretty poor reputation with customers.


Polaris Credit Card Review

0% APR Polaris CardAlthough the Polaris Star Card is no longer available, it’s been replaced by several different financing options, including the Polaris Credit Card.

The Polaris Visa Card is issued by US Bank. Here are the basics:

  • No annual fee
  • Earns “Polaris Cash” rewards that can be redeemed at Polaris dealers
  • Earns 2x points at Polaris dealers and gas stations, and 1x points everywhere else
  • Comes with 0 percent intro APR for the first six months

This is a decent card, but certainly nothing special. The fact it has no annual fee is nice, but honestly, most people will be better off with a good no annual fee card from another bank. Having a Polaris-branded credit card is certainly not necessary, and the rewards on this card can only be redeemed on Polaris merchandise, which is fairly limited.

If you can take advantage of the 0 percent APR offer, this could potentially save you some money – but only if you’re prepared to pay the card off in full after those six months.

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