Super Easy Way to Earn Marriott & Starwood Points!

Fan boys who collect Marriott or Starwood points are in for some good news!

Marriott has recently launched an online shopping portal called Marriott Rewards MORE which allows you to earn or redeem points when you shop for your favorite brands!


Marriott Rewards MORE Highlights 🙂

  • Start with 1,000 bonus points (you will earn a whooping 1,000 bonus points when you complete your first purchase)
  • If you have a Marriott Rewards Credit Card you will earn an additional 25% bonus points on the cash portion of their purchase
  • You can redeem Marriott points, or a combination of cash and points to make purchases through the Marriott Rewards MORE portal

Please note the 1,000 first purchase bonus points requires you to make a purchase of $25 or more (which is super easy now days!).

Please note the 25% bonus points will be applied in real time! (members do not have to wait for their bonus to arrive as a lame statement credit like so many other reward programs).

PRO TIP: Transfer your Marriott points to Starwood at a ratio of 3:1, as it is becoming too hard to earn Starwood reward points.

Marriott & Starwood Points:   Marriott Rewards MORE

Marriott & Starwood Points:   Marriott Rewards More Android App

Marriott & Starwood Points:   Marriott Rewards MORE iPhone App

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