The Cost of a Turkey in Every State and How To Save Money (Thanksgiving 2022)

Happy Thanksgiving, all, and pass the stuffing!

A traditional Thanksgiving feast for a family of 10 people will cost about $64.05, or about $10.74 higher than a year ago.

Here are some exciting cost analysis facts regarding how much American families spend on Thanksgiving food this year.

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The Bird $34.01

  • Highest: Californians can expect to pay a mind-blowing $39.88 on average for their turkey
  • Lowest: Mississippians can expect to pay just $26.35 on average for their Thanksgiving turkey
  • Average in the US: $34.15
  • Hawaii $50.35
  • Alaska $49.85
  • South Carolina $38.85
  • Idaho $37.85
  • Minnesota $37.85
  • California $37.35
  • Massachusetts $37.35
  • New Jersey $37.35
  • New York $37.35
  • Washington $37.35
  • Georgia $37.35
  • Mississippi $26.35
  • Texas $28.30
  • Utah $28.30
  • Iowa $29.10
  • Florida $29.80
  • Arizona $29.85
  • Louisiana $29.85
  • Nebraska $30.85
  • Oklahoma $31.20
  • New Mexico $31.35


Pumpkin Pie $4.23

And this is just for the pumpkin pie mix. The price soars to $8 if you purchase all the ingredients separately. A 2020 YouGov survey shows that pumpkin pie is the most popular sweet pastry after Thanksgiving, followed by pecan pie.

Rolls $3.73

A basket of rolls for the Thanksgiving table cost 68 cents more in 2022 than a year ago when Americans paid an average of $3.05.

Green peas $1.90

Be sure to eat your greens!

Fresh Cranberries $2.57 

Cranberries have become a Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner staple in the US.


How to save money on Thanksgiving meals

  • Shop at discounted grocery stores in your area (i.e., Aldi Grocery Stores)
  • Sign up for reward programs. Many grocery stores are getting on board with Walgreens, like reward programs where the savings can add up fast.
  • Earn and use credit card rewards at checkout. To get the most out of your shopping trip, use one of the best credit cards for buying groceries to get rewards on your purchases. Also, use travel and gas credit cards when visiting family.
  • Ask for help. Enlist your sister, brother, mother, and even Uncle Larry to assist in the baking. One person takes desserts, another side, another Turkey. Spread the expenses over the family (even if you are hosting) and save a boatload of cash.

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