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Virtual Prepaid Minutes

Shop for AT&T Virtual Prepaid Minutes or recharge your minutes online.

Visit www.VirtualPrepaidMinutes.com to make the purchase.

For a limited time, customers can get 125 minutes for free!

AT&T reserves the right to terminate or extend this offer at any time for any reason.

U.S. domestic calling rates (per minute) for AT&T Virtual PrePaid Minutes purchased from the VirtualPrepaidMinutes.com website:

  • $50 AT&T Virtual Worldwide Minutes is 7 cents per minute
  • $30 AT&T Virtual Worldwide Minutes is 7 cents per minute
  • 1,000 AT&T Virtual PrePaid Minutes for $40.00 is 4 cents per minute
  • 500 AT&T Virtual PrePaid Minutes for $25.00 is 5 cents per minute
  • 300 AT&T Virtual PrePaid Minutes for $18.00 is 6 cents per minute
  • 100 AT&T Virtual PrePaid Minutes for $7.00 is 7 cents per minute

Rates when calling from overseas from Egypt or your luxury yacht in the Carribean will vary.

To check rates for calls from overseas to the U.S., click here.

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VirtualPrepaidMinutes.com Customer Service

  • Repair/Outage Phone and Internet: 1.866.620.6900
  • Business: Billing/Customer Service: 1.866.620.6000
  • U-verse: Customer service: 1.800.288.2020
  • DIRECTV: 1.800.531.5000

If you are going on vacation please obtain the AT&T USADirect Access Number for the country you are going to be visiting at www.att.com/traveler.

AT&T PrePaid Minutes are exactly the same as AT&T PrePaid Phone Cards you may have previously purchased in a retail store.

Dial the toll-free Access Number found in your purchase confirmation email or on the back of your AT&T PrePaid Phone Card.

Please see the AT&T Prepaid Virtual Card Support Center for HELP in regards to virtualprepaidminutes.com.

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